Speedy – Louis Vuitton

it bags come and it bags go. but really, if you’re looking for a classic that’ll stand the test of time — and if you’re not…you should be — it’s all about the speedy. pricey, but not too. neither too big nor too small. welcome to a ‘just right’ goldilocks moment. she doesn’t scream ‘i’m a designer handbag’, she just sighs, ‘i’m fashionable and smart’…and perfectly  utilitarian. guaranteed to be around long after the it bag of the year. put her on your wish list. hurry.

vuitton speedy classic monogram




One comment

  1. Not my favorite bag at all, as a matter of fact do not like any of them! But, to each is own as there are those who love them! I am never big on anything with a Designer name or initials – after all I am enough!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Cecelia

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