John Dickinson Tables

i’m having a table ‘footed’ moment…

from john dickinson circa 1970s. the ‘african series’ tables. sublime. made from glass fiber reinforced concrete. white. indoor. outdoor. your choice.

originals go for upward of five figures. get an authorized reproduction here.




Bishop Stools – India Mahdavi

every time i happen upon one of india mahdavi’s ‘bishop stools’, my reaction is that, in every ‘en situ’, it feels totally appropriate. no easy task. the bishop is that extra added ‘little layer of something’ every room needs. and we all know it’s the combination of layers + tension that keep a space interesting.

mahdavi stools interior

enameled ceramic. marble. mettalic. take your pick.

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iranian born. parisian based. india. exotic. chic.


Traccia Table

congratulations are in order. i’ve checked the meret oppenheim traccia table off my wish list.

traccia – 2013

whenever i’ve seen this piece in photos en-situ, i’ve wondered about each respective owner. brave. daring. unafraid. yeah. definitely unafraid. count me amongst them. i imagine mrs. vreeland would approve.


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now…if i can just figure out how to place something atop without inadvertently creating a new genetically engineered mythical creature….

cassina – traccia table