Goodbye 2016

…and good riddance.

i’ve been thinking about an antidote for all of the ills of the past year and grappling with a solution. one thing’s for sure — i’ve no control over all that’s out there — i’ve only control over me and my reaction to all that’s out there. with this in mind i’ve decided for 2017 and moving forward…to be the best version of me possible:

channel my inner kindness

channel my inner athlete

and let’s not be so pedestrian as to wait till january 1st to begin. there’s no time like the present. so let’s get a jump start on the competition. start today. right now in fact. looking and feeling and doing your best is the best revenge…

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The Quilts of Gee’s Bend

a few years ago at the philadelphia museum, i viewed an amazing installation of the quilts of gee’s bend. i was reminded of them again last month at the national museum of african american history and culture.

although…at five figures each…i’ll plan to have one in my next lifetime.

cultural chic!

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the quilts of gee’s bend


Traccia Table

congratulations are in order. i’ve checked the meret oppenheim traccia table off my wish list.

traccia – 2013

whenever i’ve seen this piece in photos en-situ, i’ve wondered about each respective owner. brave. daring. unafraid. yeah. definitely unafraid. count me amongst them. i imagine mrs. vreeland would approve.


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now…if i can just figure out how to place something atop without inadvertently creating a new genetically engineered mythical creature….

cassina – traccia table