Chic Beauty

Carolina Herrera

the ever chic, impeccably coiffed, mrs. herrera is retiring. may we all don a signature white blouse/shirt and pop the collar in her honor.

her omega collection gave us the equation

blouse + taffeta ball skirt + wide belt = eternal chic.


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Clasp Bag – Celine

this may be the last opportunity to acquire a little piece of phoebe.

mrs. philo is leaving her post at celine.

the chic among us are tres sad.

but we’re happy about the clasp bag.

celine clasp bag
could this possibly be any more…




celine clasp handbag

Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

so….it’s been over a month and i’m still bursting with pride…


i can’t articulate how amazing — and how amazingly cool — our former president is.

and moreover, he’s a good man.

no…a great man.

and the best of who we all should aspire to be.

(thanks kehinde)


Totem Sculptures – Ashley Hicks

somewhere near the top of my list of ‘very unnecessary’ desires is a tabletop sculpture from ashley hicks.

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ashley is based in the uk. give him a holler. he’ll create a sculpture especially for you.

each sculpture is about 20 inches tall. each is unique. customizable. terribly un-british.

ashley hicks – uk

ashley hicks – usa