Prada Fantasy Dress

…there’s a much more fabulous version of me that exists in my imagination/my parallel universe. and she has a lifestyle that calls for wearing this dress…

prada dress - fall 2016

from Miuccia Prada. fall 2016. sweet brocade. 1950s classic silhouette. with an unexpected touch of the avant-garde.

wherever shall i go in this dress?



Beret – Christian Dior

everyone knows that the fashion new year begins in september. and now that i’ve made it through all those huge september issues; double and cross checked every image online, i think this is the one item that i’d like to add to my repertoire…

dior beret

dior beret.


is it cool…is it a cliche’?

i’m not sure. but i am sure it’s a classic that’ll stand the test of time.

a smart fashion investment piece n’est pas?

Stella Jean

haitian-italian fashion designer stella jean (pronounced john) is making me re-think my basic black monochromatic world. there is nary a print in my wardrobe, but the chic ms. jean gives me cause for reconsideration.

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i first noticed her two years ago, but this spring i may finally take the plunge. a colorful cultural-inspired print skirt teamed with a–carolina herrara inspired–white shirt. basta!