Miguel Vallinas Prieto – Photography

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i discovered madrid-based prieto’s work earlier this year at the affordable art fair in nyc. i fancy a 39×27 oversized print in a dressing area.

modern. chic. and a soupcon of eccentricity.

plus…you know i always love a good conversation starter.

find your inner animal

Carrie Mae Weems

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a few scenes from the devastatingly intelligent, soulful, ‘kitchen table series’.

i saw the full set of twenty at the guggenheim a few years ago. a friend of mine recently saw them at the national gallery.

and if you’re lucky enough…see them. they are powerful and fierce.

carrie mae weems

ms. weems.


LAKIN OGUNBANWO – Photographer

red hook labs in brooklyn recently presented a show from 21st century nigerian photographer lakin ogunbanwo. in the portraits, presented in oversized scale, the subjects are indistinguishable. identically stripped bare, individuality is expressed through the power of fashion. in this case…the simplicity of a hat.

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choose one 36 x 48 inch image, install it in a modernist, masculine interior. one word: powerful. another word: chic.


re-blogging this post from 2013 in memory of mr. sidibe…


image from malian photographer malick sidibe. black and white photography is always a modern addition. gradated layers, grainy and sharp, bring the two dancers to life. looks as though they like each other. peas n carrots perfection.


malick sidibe 1936 – 2016