Mink + Rubber slides – Givenchy

…something new for me to obsess about…mink + rubber slides from Givenchy.

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After a year coveting Gucci mules, my head has been turned by these silly little ‘beach’ slides.

Audrey would look smashing in a pair finishing off her capris….and Monsieur Hubert would certainly approve.

Who doesn’t love a decadent and totally impractical shoe?

magic slippers

Marmot Loafer – Gucci

question of the day….

is there a chic and graceful way to wear a logo-laden shoe? the gucci marmot loafer is on my wish list. i think they’ll be spotted on chic feet everywhere.



get ’em in black (naturally) and wear ’em sans any other designer item. loving the thought with jeans and a white shirt.