Michele Oka Doner

an artist of the first caliber. i had the good fortune to meet her in 2017.

we need more like her. those who bring chic, elegance, and beauty to the world.

she does…both in presence and deed.

michele oka doner studio


Tea Time

upon arriving at home every evening, i generally unwind with a cup of tea.

i found this michael aram tea strainer at a local antique dealer and allow it to hover over  my favorite hermes cup and saucer


hardly an antique…i think it may date ‘way back’ to the 1990s


very louise bourgeois maman. french. chic.



okay…was this guy brilliant or what?

an industrial designer and unsung hero who worked for george nelson associates. by day mr. harper had a hand in designing some of the most iconic mid-century items for nelson and herman miller. all of these — clocks, marshmallow sofa — were credited to nelson and the firm.

but by night….harper made paper sculptures. ahhhhh….

harper’s sculptures recently set records at auction. who knew?

Bertoia Sculpture

harry bertoia. best known for his eponymous chair design, but it’s the sculptures that make me swoon. with names like ‘willow’ and ‘bronzed bush’, the works are beautifully lyrical and the welding workmanship flawless. primarily produced mid-twentieth century, bertoia sculptures are now mainly found at auction. want one? you’ll need to save your benjamins.